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Waist Bead - Pink - Limited Edition

Waist Bead - Pink - Limited Edition

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Limited edition Waist bead from Ghana Pink. Made of beads and rope.

Each waist bead is custom made especially for you. You can easily take the waist bead on and off with the help of a stainless steel hook. Of course you can also tie the waist bead around your waist in the traditional way, choose: 'traditional way' at: 'choose a size'.

Do you have any questions? Please contact our customer service:

The stainless steel parts are small and fine. It is therefore also important to have the right size and not too small. Because if the pressure increases, for example when you sit down/eat/bend over, and the waist bead is too small, the parts can bend/break.

The history of waist beads dates back to ancient Egypt. Women wore them as a status symbol. Waist beads are also worn in various African tribes. And this for several reasons:

- If weight measure. When the waist beads 'creep' or break you have gained weight, when the waist beads loosen you have lost weight;

- Worn as decoration. Waist beads come in all colors, shapes and shine very nicely;

- The waist beads accentuate the mobility of the hips;

-Wearing waist beads is a way to symbolize and celebrate feminism and beauty;

- Wearing waist beads is a personal choice. They are there for you. It contributes to personal expression and individual interpretation (also think of the various colors in which the waist beads are available). All women can wear waist beads, any body type and any background;

- Rituals, religion and ceremonies also play a major role in wearing the waist beads.< /span>

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